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Your home is one of your most important investments—and you want to maximize its value.

How We Help You Sell Your Home

Your home is one of your most important investments—and you want to maximize its value. We create value at every step in the sales process by:

  • Listening carefully to your priorities and goals
  • Setting the best price based on current market conditions
  • Looking at your home through a buyers’ eyes and recommending steps that could result in fewer days on market or a higher selling price
  • Develop and execute a marketing program designed to help you reach your goals
  • Negotiate offers and protect your interests
  • Navigate settlement as the transaction moves toward a close

Selling Your Home: 3 Steps from Contract to Closing

Stage 1

Under Contract

  • Attorney Review: Concludes 3 Business days after contract is executed.
  • Certificate of Occupancy: Call your township to see what they require for the sale of your home. (Fire inspection, certificate of occupancy, etc)
  • Earnest Money Deposit: You will receive a copy of the EMO Check.
Stage 2

Following Home Inspection

  • Home Inspection: The Buyer will Schedule a Home Inspection to follow the completion of 3-day attorney review and submit a written list of repairs.
  • Appraisal: Following your home inspection, the appraisal will be ordered and completed.
  • Title Commitment: Once Title is ordered and received, review your Title Commitment and inform your Title Officer immediately if there are any concerns.
  • Mortgage Commitment: You will receive a copy of the Buyer’s mortgage commitment.
Stage 3


  • Transfer Utilities: Schedule to have all utilities transferred out of your name for your projected closing date.
  • Moving Company: If you are using a moving company, schedule them for your move.
  • Final Walk Through: Before closing the Buyer’s agent and Buyer will do a final walk through of the property to make sure it is prepared for closing.
  • Closing: On the day of your closing, bring your photo ID.

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